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My New Blazer, Harness Boots, And Old 12 Wishes...

I've been wearing it too much, especially with black dresses underneath. Usually, I would pair this outfit with my Purificación Garcia mini bag, but I figured the sequined clutch would go better with the dream catcher necklace. This blazer always brings back such good memories, I wore it on the first day of Lisbon Fashion Week last year, it was surreal! I decided to give my harness boots some much needed rest and wore these shoes instead. They are so elegant, I really like them!

This blazer has earned its place as my wardrobe's favourite

My blazer

These babies are my favourite nail polishes of the moment and have been rotating on my nails the entire Autumn and Winter. They belong to the Illusion d'Ombres collection and each one of them is so unique that I had to get all three as soon as they became available in September. As you can see, Graphite has been getting the most use since it's my favourite.

Evian babies

Yarr! I love this top because it always reminds me of a pirate shirt with its messy frills and the irregular hem. I love it with the new studded belt and the faux leather shorts. I chose my Purificación Garcia mini bag again, it's just so perfect! For those of you who don't know Purificación Garcia, she is a spanish designer and her bags are very popular in Portugal. And what's a pirate without her treasures? I've been wearing my Burberry scarf everyday because it's too cold, and the YSL Arty Ring was a gift from Ricardo for my birthday! It's my precious!

I keep my make-up morning routine uncomplicated because I am always in a hurry to get to classes or meeting someone (I like natural beauty!). I'm lucky that I do not need much coverage, but I always feel naked without foundation in the Winter. I like Perfection Lumière because it works really well on my oily skin and gives a sheer coverage. I apply it with a foundation brush and smooth the lines with a sponge. I wear shade 30 Beige.

Concealer is mandatory because I have terrible sleeping habits, so I always have the darkest undereye circles. Estompe Éclat is the first concealer I like, it's soft and isn't cakey at all. I use shade 10 Beige Clair. If I am running late this is all I wear, otherwise I like to explore the Karl Lagerfeld pour Sephora Palette, which has beautiful and very pigmented colours. I don't always wear them as eyeshadow, though, and you will see what I mean soon enough!

Harness Boots

My new harness boots finally arrived on the mail on Thursday, and they were the perfect match to the extreme layering I had going on on my outfit: a pink blazer over a white shirt over a black zipper dress. These boots were inspired by Balenciaga, Sam Edelman is doing them too, but out of the three, I think these are the prettiest. I gave my Chanel Illusion d'Ombres nail polishes a break and went back to Miami Beach, which I haven't worn since last Summer. I always need a bit of Spring in my nails to cheer me up after the holidays are over.

I took advantage of the sales to buy the first item from my retro wishlist: the Bimba y Lola black spiked bracelet. It looks even better on my wrist than I had pictured! By chance, I also found the studded Zara gloves I was dying to get but were sold out everywhere, and they were on sale too! I had searched every Zara in the area, and had already given up on them, turns out our love was meant to be. And, yes, they make pretty nasty weapons too.

In Portugal, we don't have the tradition of making resolutions for the New Year. Instead, we eat 12 raisins and make 12 wishes, which, let's face it, is much funnier. When I was little, I used to ask for good fortune for my family and, on the other 11 raisins, I wished for a pet. Well, guess what, turns out raisins work better than resolutions because I did get a pet! So last night, 8 of my raisins were meant for the above fashion items, which I love! And one can never have too many YSL Arty Rings, or Chanel nailpolishes for the matter. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will be the proud owner of all of these pretties!

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My New Blazer, Harness Boots, And Old 12 Wishes... + wishlist