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I Don't Like This Day Because I Feel So Sad...

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Ok, I realize this is a little late, but I couldn't deprive you of this deliciousness any longer. This, my friends, is an apple. The most incredible apple you will ever meet. And, every Easter my mom ventures to some unknown, magical land to pay an insane amount of money for what has become one of my favorite desserts.

Something Life

YES, YES, YES it is finally opening day and this is something even Pirate fans get excited for. (We prefer to live in denial for as long as possible, thank you.) Sadly, I’ve never been to opening day at PNC Park, but it’s on my list. And, until that magical day arrives, I plan on making the trip down to PNC Park on a regular basis this summer, which will obviously require some additions to my game day wardrobe. Now, it’s no secret that the clothing choices for ladies more than suck. (Usually, I just wear a small men’s t-shirt.) But, I think I may have actually found something that I can get on board with…


Don’t get me wrong, I think maxi dresses make for a pretty groovy look…just on other people. For some weird reason, I just don’t feel like I’m quite there yet. Like I have a lot more to master before I can successfully pull off a long, flowy dress anywhere other than prom. No one told me that this whole "coming-into-your-own-grown-up-style" thing was so freaking confusing. Kind of brings back memories of my 7th grade heath/don't have sex EVER class.

Just Look at the Broken Work

Yup, I did it. I skipped 3 classes AND used some lame excuse to get out of work. And, I didn’t even feel guilty or stressed over it. Hello, my name is Jammer, and I am officially a badass. All I’m missing is my closing duet with a leather-clad John Travolta at the Rydell High senior carnival. Now, I normally don’t condone such behavior from myself because well… I’m a nerd who is convinced that I will miss the meaning of life if I skip a class, but not yesterday. Yesterday, I needed an effing break. I had two pretty gnarly exams the day before (that I spent ALL weekend studying for) and they just broke me.

I have 29 days of college left. And, obviously I want to kill it this last semester, but I think I need to enjoy the luxuries of being a broke college student while I still have them. (Ahem, afternoon naps.) Oh and I might want to learn how to maintain something that resembles a social life before my new job tries to consume all of my free time. So, in the name of putting off what I really should to get done today, I am currently compiling a list randomness that I need to make a priority in my life so that I don’t purposely give my work computer a virus. Here’s to enjoying a freaking Wednesday for once - OUTSIDE! Ruche, I like what you're doing, especially at the prices you're doing it at. High five. Just to prove that I'm not playin' - I got me this...

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I Don't Like This Day Because I Feel So Sad... + vintage