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Batman Returns Vs. Scream 4

If you thought the possibility of Angelina Jolie as Catwoman in the next Batman was the most exciting addition to the Chris Nolan’s cast then you’re wrong! Sooooo very wrong. Latest rumours have Johnny Depp in talks to play the Riddler.

How great would that be! I say tres great. Will Ferrell was apparently keen on the role but now the Depp-inator is in the works casting directors will no doubt pass on Feral opps I mean Ferrell. We all know how superb Depp is at playing bright, wacky characters thanks to Tim Burton’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Jim Carrey’s version of the Riddler will be a hard act to follow but Depp is the best actor of our generation and no doubt he will surpass previous attempts.

Batman Returns

Burton’s Batman Returns

Oscar winner and buzz-actor of the moment Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in talks to play the Penguin. Danny DeVito played a twisted, dark version of the role in Burton’s Batman Returns. Hmmm I wonder if Hoffman will be commanding an army of intelligent Penguins and circus freaks in the Chris Nolan version??? I think not.

Scream 4 (poster)

Scream 4 (movie poster)

I think Scream 4 pretty much says it all. The Weinstein brothers are in talks with horror movie legend Wes Craven, to make a fourth instalment of the Scream films. As you may well know Scream is one of my favourite movies but I think they screwed it with the third one. Both Scream 1 and 2 were written by the dude who created Dawson’s Creek (forgive him if you can) and I Know What You Did Last Summer, Kevin Williamson. Craven directed the projects both literally and creatively.

The third Scream had a new writer which, in my opinion, is when it lost the plot. Apparently Craven thinks so too and said he will only come back on board for another movie if he and Williamson get to team up. He also said the Weinstein brothers will have to keep their grubby little gold digging hands of the project and give him full creative license if they want him back.

I loved Scream because in the nineties, when cinema audiences were drowning in stupid slasher flicks, Scream came along and gave them all the finger. Essentially it’s still a slasher flick but it’s the satire and tongue in cheek attitude of the film that elevate it to a higher status amongst film critics and horror fans alike.

Scream 2 continued the style of the first, successfully I thought, and again gave the metaphorical finger to all the ridiculous horror movie sequels out there. The third still played on the tre-quel pun on many occasions but missed the mark as far as plot, action and horror go. A fourth instalment in a horror movie franchise is almost unheard of so it will be interesting to see where Craven and Williamson can go with Scream 4 and what they’ll find to jab fun at... jab haha it’s funny already.

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Batman Returns Vs. Scream 4 + Tim Burton